Public information channels in which you can affect society the most

There are billions of us around the world, who use public channels on a daily basis. This number is growing and is estimated to increase even more in the near future. These public channels such as Television, Radio newspaper, and many others have been integrated into our daily routine where we use them at work, at school and also for entertainment purposes.  Our increasing love for public channels is not only affecting how we communicate but it has greatly impacted how we carry and do businesses. Several years back we were completely fine without social media, but can you imagine our world today without social media? Is it even possible to go a day without checking your Facebook or Instagram account?

How have public information channels affected our society?

As we all know how the world has completely been transformed since the advent of social media and although they have their disadvantage their advantages are even more when used as they were meant to be used.  Below are some of the impacts of public channels that can be seen to have affected our society most.

  • They have given us an inside perspective of places that are faraway, the public channel connects the world and through sharing, we are able to have an inside perspective of foreign places.
  • They have helped to respond to disaster in a better way by reaching the general public on what to do during the occurrence of disaster and how to respond to it.
  • They also help us in tackling some of the biggest challenges of the world such as climate change and violation of human rights as public channels enable activitist to be brought together.
  • Public channel platforms seem to have a great impact on banks as they are changing banking relationships such as improving customer services.
  • Public channels also have a great impact on how we are being governed and how we govern. Public channels are allowing citizens to be the main source of plans, ideas and initiatives in an even easier way than before and future leaders are expected to embrace this kind of transparency.

Below are some of the public channels that have been impacting our society greatly in ways that they cannot be ignored.


Television is a reservoir of information in today’s world and this is where we get all the information from sports, to finance to science. It is also through this channel that awareness can be spread and educating the public about general issues that are affecting society and how to approach them. Moreover, television is one of the best channel to nature new talents through the numerous reality TV stations where people can showcase their talents to millions of people who are watching.

 Globalization of culture also takes place here where we are able to learn and understand the various cultures in the world. The negative impacts that this channel has cannot be ignored. Most of our children take most of their time watching the various TV programs and they lose concentration in their studies.  The TV does not only influence our culture but it also affects our eating habits.


Although over the years its popularity has decreased due to the rising technology, it is a public channel that you are sure to reach almost everyone nationwide.  We all want happiness and radio has always played a major role in entertaining us through music and the various interesting Radio talks. It is here that we get to express our opinion without any fear of judgement. Since radios are affordable and they are also available in our phones, this has become a major platform where if you want to reach many people nationwide, this is the best public information channel to use.


In civil society, newspapers have always been traditionally important. They provide information to the citizens of a country and they have always served as watchdogs abuses and any form of violation of the rights of citizens by those who are in power. At both the local and national level, there seems to be a positive relationship between the reading of newspaper and civic engagements. It is through here that you see people begin boycotting certain products or services in the market or the participation of people in local events.

Social media

Social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram have greatly impacted how we carry out our day to day activities. They have become a major platform for networking, connecting with friends and it is also a major advertising platform for many businesses.  It is here that any form of news spreads faster than in any other communication channel.

The power that public communication channel has, it can manipulate and transform a large population of a given country or even the whole nation. Public channels can either be used as weapons of destruction or weapons that can be used to build a nation. This power lies in how we use this public information channels and this will determine if we will better ourselves or destroy ourselves.