Whistleblowers who disclose serious misconducts and threats to the public interest are often protected under law from employer retaliation such as termination or suspension of employment, wage garnishment, and harsh mistreatment. Whistleblower protection has become an important instrument in fighting corruption. Anglo-Saxon countries adopted acts dealing with this specific issue. As experiences show, this type of legal protection serves as an incentive to disclose information related to public interest and proved as a useful tool against corruption. However, in the Eastern Bloc, public interest disclosures are under-regulated, and as a consequence, potential whistleblowers stay silent.

Two Hungarian NGOs – K-Monitor Association and Hungarian Civil Liberties Union – decided to organize a project on Legal Regulation of Public Interest Disclosures in seven democracies from the Eastern Bloc. For more information on the project, see: About us.

The project is sponsored by East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program

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